Hebei Synlight Crystal Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Synlight Crystal) ,founded in 2012, located in Baoding High Tech Development Zone, specializes in R&D, manufacture and sales of Silicon Carbide substrate. The main business scope includes 4 inch and 6 inch SiC conductive/semi-insulating substrate, which has been proven to reach international advanced level. By setting up the advanced and complete SiC substrate production and processing line, Synlight Crystal has become a well-known SiC substrate supplier. Since 2012, Synlight Crystal established the Academician Workstation, Joint Laboratory of SiC manocrystalline Material and Application Research, and Semiconductor Research Achievement Transformation Base of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The R&D team was honored as Advanced Innovative Team by People's Government of Hebei Province. Meanwhile Synlight Crystal has undertaken a number of national research projects. The National 863 Plan "Research on large-scale SiC substrate manufacture and epitaxy technology for high power GaN electronic devices" which was mainly undertaken by Synlight Crystal has passed the National Acceptance. In 2016, Synlight undertook the Project of "medium and low voltage SiC materials, devices and their application demonstration in electric vehicle charging equipment" which is the key project of "strategic advanced electronic materials" of National Key R&D Plan. In October, 2017, Synlight Crystal together with Tsinghua University, wide band gap semiconductor research center of Peking University, Institute of semiconductors of Chinese Academy of Sciences and Hebei University, set up the "Third Generation Semiconductor Material Testing Platform", which greatly promoted the development of the third generation semiconductor industry in China.


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